Saturday, January 14, 2006

Feds accuse foot doctor of massive Medi-fraud

This not good:
"Federal prosecutors say a Middlesex County podiatrist bilked the government of hundreds of thousands of Medicare dollars by submitting claims for treatments that were little more than massaging feet and clipping toenails. A civil complaint filed in federal court in Newark said Ming Tung, who lives in East Brunswick and has offices there and in Jersey City, ignored warnings about improper billings, instead filing more claims. Two years ago, authorities say, Tung received $856,000 in Medicare payments, or nearly 24 times the average reimbursement for a New Jersey foot doctor. Last year his filings topped $1.6 million. In many cases, Tung billed for visits to low-income apartment complexes in Middlesex and Hudson counties, where he allegedly gave foot massages in the lobbies. " Full story

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