Wednesday, April 06, 2016

As most of you know, I run, post at and manage many websites (check this list for some). The administration of those websites do occupy and consume a lot of my time so I spent time and money investing in systems and procedures to make it easier. I have also learnt a lot about website softwae platforms such as Wordpress and the forum platforms, vBulletin and Xenforo and how they atcually work and the problems that oour with them. I have also learnt a lot about how to rank websites in the search engines such as Google and have invested in systems and procedures for my sites to be worked on and rank well in the search engines. I have also been on the receiving end of many problems such as server crashes, database errors and a lot of hacked web sites over the years. I have learnt a lot about protecting my websites from all that as well as recovering those affected sites from these problems. I have worked with consultants and experts and participated in forums on these topics and done courses to learn more. These experiences on all of the above have taught me a lot.

Based on all that experience and the systems and procedures I have in place, I have decided to branch out and offer my services to others through three websites:

Podiatry SEO - if you are a podiatrist and a clinic website and want to do better in the search results, I can really help. I have become quite good  and skilled at this and that 'podiatry' understanding and experience makes it so much easier for me!
LookAfterWP - if you have a Wordpress based website and want to have some piece of mind with daily cloud based back ups, updates made and protection form being hacked and a whole lot more, then this is what I do there.I do this every day for my sites.
Hosting Orangutan - this is a small website hosting company that I decided to buy. I thought itwould be easier not to pay so many different website hosts for all my sites, it would be better if I actually owned the hosting company and outsourced the servers and technical support, so I did it.If you want some hosting, then give us a go.

Please contact me via the above websites if you want to find out more; or even better sign up for one or all of the services! Your support is going to be much appreciated by me.