Friday, August 22, 2014

The Airia Running Shoes to Improve Performance

I have been following the development and social media spread of these shoes for a while. There was first a thread on Podiatry Arena (which the Airia CEO contributes) and I then did two blog posts about them:
The new ‘biomechanically perfect’ running shoe from Airia?
Another look at the performance claims by the Airia One running shoe; a theoretical context

These two posts pretty much sum up my views on the shoes.

The shoe comes with a lateral forefoot wedge or slant and claims that this can enhance performance. The company has some data that this is the case and I presented in those blog posts a theoretical context on how it could help enhance performance in some runners.

Since then, they have been getting some pretty good reviews (like this one in French!) despite the initial skepticism. They have not exactly set the world on fire yet and we watch this pace to see how they develop. More articles.