Sunday, May 15, 2005

Podiatrist facing death penalty.

This has been an interesting story to follow:

"A Chicago podiatrist murdered a former patient just days before she was to testify against him in a fraud probe because the doctor believed she would be the lone witness against him, a prosecutor said Tuesday..."

"Joyce Brannon had reportedly undergone 72 foot surgeries at the hands of Chicago podiatrist Ronald Mikos, the man she was set to testify against in a 2002 Medicare fraud case..."

"A federal jury quickly convicted a Chicago podiatrist Thursday on all 25 counts against him, including murdering a disabled patient to silence her.... " Link

"A defense attorney today pleaded for the life of a Chicago podiatrist convicted of killing a handicapped woman who planned to testify against him in a Medicare fraud case...." Link

"A woman who had two children with a Chicago podiatrist facing a possible sentence of death testified Wednesday that the children would be devastated if their father was executed...."

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