Tuesday, November 18, 2003

New stuff published in JAMPA:

The latest issue of JAPMA came out yesterday ... three things caught my eye ...
The first one had to catch my eye cause I wrote it :-)
Static Stance Response to Different Types of Foot Orthoses

This one furthered our knowledge on the effects of variations in the position of the subtalar joint axis (...and Karl, if you ever read this .... at least they think there is an axis there :-)
Relationship Between the Subtalar Joint Inclination Angle and the Location of Lower-Extremity Injuries

The final one was this:
In Vivo Forces in the Plantar Fascia During the Stance Phase of Gait: Sequential Release of the Plantar Fascia This one got me excited .... one of the main findings was the subtalar joint was unable to resupinate as the amount of fascia release increased, indicating a direct relationship between the medial band of the plantar fascia and resupination of the subtalar joint during late midstance and propulsion which is so consistent with the work we are soon to publish that shows the force to get the windlass established is much higher in those with plantar fasciitis. Maybe plantar fasciitis has nothing to do with a pronated foot, but has to do with a lack of resupination due to the high forces going through the windlass .... watch this space.

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