Sunday, October 12, 2003

Website promotion

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the business of ranking a site well in the search engines, like Google and Yahoo! to get visitors to your website. If you have a website for your clinic, you have to promote it widely if you want these visitor. It has to be a good website address so that patients can remember; you have to have it in all your advertisements and on your stationary including your business cards. For the search engines, if someone types in "{Your City} podiatrist", does your website show up? If it doesn't then you have got some work to do. See this on how the search engines rank a website. To get a site to rank well, you need to build backlinks by getting other sites to link to your website. Submitting to link and web directories, such as DMOZ also helps link building. Generally, but not always, the more links there are to a site (link juice), the better you will rank in the search engines for yoru keywords. If you serious about your website and have a lot of competition, then you should consider engaging an SEO professional to look after the site (not an SEO Kiddie).