Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are MBT Shoes Helpful?

Masai Barefoot Technology or MBT shoes are shoes that have been on the market for a while now and have a rocker bottom that is supposed to simulate the natural gait of walking barefoot that is modeled on the Masai people from Africa. The MBT company do make a lot of claims for the benefits of the shoes. They even used to make cliams about treating cellulite (but recently stopped that one). There is some limited evidence to support the claims about helping some people with postural porbalme, but there is not enough to support the wide range of claims made. Do MBT shoes work? Based on what i have read and what I understand, I think the shoes are beneficial in certain subpopulations, I would just prefer to see some better clinical trials to guide us as to how to better identify these people.

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