Monday, September 22, 2008


I use this quote (not sure where I got it from) during lectures to students to suggest just how painful gout is: “Screw up the vise as tightly as possible - you have rheumatism; give it another turn, and it is gout” - Anonymous

Here are a couple of good threads at Podiatry Arena on Gout:

The latest on gout (this one has all the very latest news)

Reason for gout in more peripheral joints (this one looks at reasons why the first MPJ is the most common site for gout.

For this interested in magical cures; or what people with gout are reading; or want some good dietary advice, there are these eBooks:

Cure Gout Now

Gout Natural Remedy Report

The Ultimate Instant Gout Relief Report

Cure Gout Cookbook

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